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In this first post, I will explain about Culture of Indonesia. Indonesia is beautiful country with rich of Culture(A country where I live). Indonesia's population reach over 200 million in 30 ethnic unity, that makes Indonesia have many Culture . Below is example Culture of Indonesia

Wayang is one of the original culture of Indonesia. Wayang show is different than puppet show from other countries because of the materials used puppets and stories are played . Wayang also have many types depending on the region of origin. Here is the types of wayang

-Wayang Kulit

-Wayang Orang

-Wayang Golek
-Wayang Kayu

-Wayang Motekar 

-Wayang Rumput

Batik is a fabric type native from Indonesia. Batik also has many  motive that represent each of their respective region .Batik is very famous art in Indonesia. Batik originated from the Javanese language “Amba” and “Nitik”. Batik have lots decorative motives. Batik is not only in Java, but batik found in almost all parts of of Indonesia, because the beauty of batik has reached export outside of Indonesia.
Types and patterns of batik variations according to culture and philosophy of each region are very diverse .Batik is historically known since XVII century made ​​(painted) on palmyra leaves. At that time the pattern is confined to plants and animals only, in the history of batik have a very rapid development. Initially just drawing animals and plants only sooner or later turn into abstract that resembles a cloud, temple reliefs, Wayang etc.. Now art has even drawn batik cloth, so that we can wear batik shirts

Below is an example of Batik

Actually there are many cultures that exist in Indonesia, for the moment I am discussing about wayang and batik
That's information about Wayang & Batik I hope this information will useful for you all
Thank You

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